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As for Me and My Body takes the guesswork out of fitness and nutrition. Its step-by-step instruction compels you to be honest with yourself and identify self-sabotaging behavior. More importantly, it helps you get clear on the why behind those behaviors, allowing you to become clear on the why behind your desire to improve.  The daily challenges are self-reflective, informative, and feel more like encouraging words from a friend who genuinely wants you to succeed.  It feels like Candice is there with you, coaching you every step of the way.  If you commit, you will transform.

~ Collier L.

As for
Me and My Body is a wonderful and easy read that brings into focus the elements involved in the journey to attain healthy living, and optimal fitness along with corresponding and relevant spiritual applications.  Each of the 21 days challenges you to evaluate your body, mind, and spirit through professional insight, scriptural portions, and personal stories that are encouraging and easy for anyone to understand.  The external and internal projects and actions are set forth in manageable portions.  The insights are presented without the fluff and complexity that other fitness experts seem to find necessary.  It is a unique and refreshing perspective that will challenge you spiritually and results in a written plan of achievable goals that can transform your life!

~ Dr. Rebecca M.